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Vietnam and Cambodia

Vietnam and Cambodia
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Get ready for a once in a lifetime adventure and a raw cultural excursion to the most appealing cities Vietnam and Cambodia. With colorful streets and authentic traditional food to check out these cities offer the best of the vistas to every tourist. With friendly locals and hospitable people you will be able to talk to them and get to know more about their lifestyles. With this, these cities are covered with exquisite beauty where you can feel the cool breezes on the beach and indulge in adventurous activities. In Cambodia you may find some of the most popular and unique temples. Additionally you must enjoy witnessing the gorgeous sea beaches, lush green forests and open spaces. So, fuel your soul with a great travel experience like this one.

Great Ways to Explore

Exploring Ho Chi Minh City is on every traveler’s bucket list where you find unique ecosystems and diverse communities. Taste new foods here while appreciating the views of the Mekong River Delta. Intertwined cave systems is a one of a kind experience to have in The Phong Nha-Ke- Bang National Park. Explore the Ha Long Bay which is indeed paradisiacal. Visit Hanoi where you can even spot a train passing through the narrow streets while you just shop and savor the natural flavors of the city. See the Hanoi Opera House and St. Joseph’s Cathedral. Both sand and sun mixes at Sihanoukville’s beaches in Cambodia that you would not want to miss out. If you wish to get a sight of the most tranquilizing rural scenery then visit Battambang which is a break from noisy cities. The prime location is Angkor Wat temple where religion is deep rooted and you will feel surreal as you set your foot here. These cities are diverse and culturally rich as well as modern when we talk about beach culture. One can truly enjoy here as it is the most serene place to visit. There is much more that one can explore in Vietnam and Cambodia such as Detian Waterfall, Da Nang and Phnom Phen. Introduce your taste buds to authentic foods available in these places handmade by the locals. Try juicy fruits and relish your choice of picking up this fantastic location.


Please note that some package inclusions may be restricted or unavailable at time of travel. We will substitute them with similar options of equivalent value, as available.


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